Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

Shipping the desired products to you and your love one is not just our job but our happiness. We do everything from our heart. Therefore, whatever we ship is of pure quality. So, when you order and we deliver is just all about pure excellence.

Deciding the delivery policy has no benefit to us but to our customers. It’s carved out to tell you how much we care about the customers. Our customers are our assets. We value them much more than anyone. That’s the reason we are here with our every striving effort.

Our delivery policy ensures the following things:

  • Premium Trade service

Trading service is our identity benchmark. We set a high standard for the others. Because, we aim to deliver the original product. Whatever your shipment size is we deliver everything with great care.

  • Product quality as mentioned

The quality of the product is never forgotten. We, as a company, know this very well. Therefore, in our delivery policy, we tell you that we are obliged to deliver what you order. If any changing or out of stock issue occur then you will be informed by our team.

  • On-time shipment

At the time of the order, you will get an estimated product delivery time. If you choose the fast services then you will get it within the specific mentioned time. Otherwise, normal shipments will be delivered according to the shipping company.

  • Security of your information

At the time of order, you need to provide specific information.

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Address
  4. Email id
  5. Credit card no(if necessary)

All such above information is asked at the time of order. So, we ensure you that this remains confidential. No such information will be shared with any other for any purpose. We make sure of the security of our customers.

  • Verified suppliers

Verification of every single product is our speciality. We ensure the authentication of everything. When you order something we provide you with the right and correct details about it. So, at the time of delivery, you don’t face anything.  If you feel that something is wrong then you have the right to claim as per mentioned in our refund policy.

Shipping or delivering is not just a thing but our responsibility. From making to delivering, providing the best is our job. We ensure every possible service to our customers. That’s the reason when it’s about delivering then we pay our full attention that no mistake should be made. Therefore, for that, we have a set of procedures that we follow whenever you order a product.

It’s the requirement of the eCommerce field that we need to specify our delivery policy to our customers. But it’s our right that we change it at any time without any notice. This specifically happens in special cases only. So, not all of you need to worry about it.

Advised to read the delivery policy before order, so you face no difficulty in any process. Every policy is for you so read it.