Returns & Refund Policy

Refund policy

Facilitating our customers means you, is our priority. We give our customers the importance that we give to any other aspect of our company. Therefore, every policy is just for you. Likewise, our refund or exchange policy is made just to ensure that our customers or clients face no reservations.

Here we are unfolding our refund policy for our customers. So, in case if any of you faces an unfortunate glitch, just make sure the following instructions and contact us.

We have divided our policy into two separate points:

  • 24 Hours money back or exchange policy
  • 7 days returns or exchange service

Now, these above two define what we as an e-commerce company offering you. Being responsible for our every action, we make sure that we remain with our customers even after delivering the product. That why now going to explain the points separately. So, if any case you need to use it then you won’t be confused about it.

·        24-hour cash back or exchange

Under the umbrella of this policy, as a customer, you need to contact us within 24 hours. But in which case? So yes, you can contact us if you feel that the product you received is not what you ordered. In this case, we will review you are complaining and if we find out you’re complaining the genuine one then you will be contacted. Furthermore, the already provided product needs to return with all the specific packaging.

If in case, you got an undesired product and you contacted us after 24 hours then we have nothing more than an apology for you. Because we strictly follow the rules. Moreover, if you failed to provide us the complaint product with the whole packaging then we will not give you any favor.

·        Within 7 days of the return policy

Now under this section, all of our customers are bound to complain about any broken or defaulter piece of the product within the 7 days. We will review that and then tell you whether we find out you complain a genuine one or not. So, in case you got any defaulter piece lodge the complaint urgently without any delay.

Always make sure that the product you need to return or exchange should in its original condition as it received and won’t be used. Because if we found it used or without boxing then we will cancel our favor with you. Moreover, we give our customers the money for sending the product back for exchange.

Our refund and exchange policy is very well elaborated above. We now hope that if any unfortunate event takes place then you will act upon them. Moreover, we give you the surety that as a company we also act upon them.

Here it’s important to mention that company has the legal right to change any of this policy at any time. So, if you face any issue. You can call us at our given helpline. Our customer service will help you with this.